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How about the classes !

E-learning has changed radically since SKYPE, the crystal-clear fully free internet telephony utility. It has no minus compared to a regular phone line. Only pluses : it is absolutely free to use between PCs. Furthermore it comes with an instant messaging facility.

If I term those classes "chats" it is only to stress how suitably they are shaped depending on your initial level and your interests. We will speak for real, far from pedagocical, boring routine. You will learn as you practise, not out of theory. But we will come back to it later.

SKYPE , and to a lesser extent traditional messaging software (Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ..) will give you the exclusive opportunity of posting on your computer screen the transcript of what is being said by you and me : the new words, the spellings, grammar rules to be exemplified in writing or/and speaking, etc.

In fact all the perks of a face-to-face class are there and much more.

Have you ever been permitted to return home after school carrying the blackboard away with you?

In my classes you can.

All that has been typed in by either or us during the class can be saved by you, giving you a possibility of future reference or of course to print it out. In other words one single class is a multi-piece unit because you can come back to it as often as you like.

40 minutes classes for best learning efficiency and cost effectiveness

Remember that you will learn a host of new things in each and every new class. Hence much of your attention is required in this learning process. Clearly the intial forty minutes is when your capacity to memorize and your concentration is at its best.
In terms of efficiency a forty-minute class adds up to much more than an uninterrupted one-hour class.

The content

It is all about you. About your initial level in the first place. Whether you are a complete beginner or a fully-fledged speaker you are equally welcome to my classes because I offer as many different classes as many students. They are tailored for you alone.

And their content just the same. Whether your interests go to conversational French or commercial or business or secretarial, I will have it for you. And that's what makes the difference between an expatriate teacher and a local one: all the necessary ressources are there handy to me.

And now test yourself. Go to the Test page and do the test (it is absolutely free and uncommiting). And you will discover that France is only a click away from you.