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Thank you for your visit and welcome to France

  • Online French Classes is a language school based in Paris, France.

  • Your teacher will be a French native who graduated both in French and in English

  • The classes are individual: the pace is your pace.

  • Your level is the level of study: we will focus on what you don't know yet, not on what you know already

  • You may be an outright beginner or fully fluent in search of practice, you will be coached accordingly

  • You will have your class comfortably seated at home or in your office, hassle-free: no time wasted driving out and back.

  • Start your day with your French class while you are rested and in the best learning mood

  • The content of the classand the topics discussed will be your choice: you will necessarily have a lot to speak about, hence making a lot of progress

  • Efficiency is at its peak : You will be taken care of uniquely and singly

  • E-learning adds a major plus : studying through Skype will give you a unique opportunity to speak live with your French teacher and then save and print the entire transcript and content of your class

  • Classes are 40 minutes each for best cost-effectiveness

  • Your teacher is French living in France : doesn't it make a difference !

  • You will learn the most recently coined French idioms : who can compete ?

  • You will be aware of what is in, what is trendy in France : the new books, the exhibitions, the finest foods and restaurants.....